When we deplaned in Baton Rouge, we were tired and craving a big juicy burger. The almost hour drive to Rayne, Louisiana was stunningly beautiful and certainly warranted filming, but we had traveled to Rayne to document the ribbon cutting at their newly renovated Burger King. Driving down I-10, our stomachs growled. As we rolled […]

We spent 72 hours filming in Seattle and enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing the world from a different perspective is always educational, enlightening and just plain fun for our crew. And filming Fiona’s story reminded us that everyone’s life is unique. Fiona works at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown, and her commute is more […]

In today’s world, more and more people are becoming in-the-moment brand videographers and citizen journalists. When you pick up you phone to film, these 9 basic tips help you create a quality video: Clean your lens before recording. The closer you are to what you are recording, the better the sound. Hold your phone horizontally. […]