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Choosing the right video production partner for your next project could mean big things for your career.

You’ve set your sights on success, and you’ll want to select the best video production company based on a solid evaluation of the available options.


  • Can the company demonstrate that they’ve consistently delivered excellent work to their clients? What do existing clients have to say about working with this company? 
  • Is the company recognized as a leader in the industry? 
  • Do the people you’ll be working with have the relevant degrees and training to create the kind of result that you’re after?

PRO TIP: When you check references, you’re not only vetting the companies that you’re considering, you’re also making new connections with other communications professionals.


  • When speaking about the project, has this team offered fresh perspectives or new ideas that will improve the video? 
  • Are they eager to offer more than one possible creative solution so that you have alternatives you’ll be proud to present to your company’s leadership (if applicable)? 
  • Have they shown you samples of styles that illustrate how they envision your video to look and feel?
  • For a high visibility project, are they willing to do a short speculative piece?  
  • Are they offering creative options that align with your brand, your message, and your tone? 
  • Do they understand what you want your audience to think, feel, and do upon viewing the video – and most importantly, is that resonating in the work that they are pitching?


  • Can the video production company clearly articulate the resources that will be assigned to your project? 
  • Can they commit to ensuring that you have the same project team from start to finish?
  • Can they commit to specific deliverables and dates that align with your own deliverables?


  • Does the estimate fall outside of an expected range – either considerably higher or lower?
  • Estimates that are very low may indicate lack of understanding of the complexity of a project. And, as a result costs may increase as the project progresses. 
  • Estimates that are very high may reflect more resources being dedicated to the project than it requires.


  • Does the company have systems in place that can put you in control so that you can provide updates to your internal team with confidence? 
  • You’ll want to work with a company that can provide you with transparency, both on project status and cost tracking. 
  • Proper project management can be the difference between smooth delivery of a great result and rocky delivery of a good result. 


  • Does the supplier share the same cultural values as your organization? 
  • What’s their most recent pro bono campaign?
  • How effective was their most recent pro bono project?


  • Do you perceive the level of engagement required in order to deliver a successful result?
  • Has the company been clear and responsive to your requests during the selection process? 
  • Can they provide a format in which you’ll receive regular updates?

Going through all of the 7 C’s will land you the biggest “C” of all – Confidence! When you’ve made a winning decision, you can be confident that you’re delivering the best results for your company – and for you!

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