3 Reasons Your “Back to Work” Video Can Keep Employees Healthy

david Uncategorized June 12, 2018

Communicating Your Back-to-Work Health and Safety Procedures Message Most Effectively

Regardless of the size of your business, your COVID-19 ‘task force’ may currently be focused on identifying the best approach to bring employees safely back to work. You inherently know that the stakes are raised. You have to train teams on adopting CDC guidelines and your company’s best practices. In essence, it’s a heavy lift of change management to get your employees to modify their existing brain and muscle memories – not only for their own health and safety, but also for the health and safety of others.

Did you know…video can serve as one of your strongest tools to make these behavior changes ‘stick’ and ensure compliance?  If you weren’t aware (or as a refresher), consider this about video and its key relationship to content retention, courtesy of Forrester Research and SAVO Group.

3 Reasons a “Back to Work” Video Can Keep Your Employees Healthy

Video is….

  1. Clear

Video is more effective than print or audio when communicating with English language learners (ELLs). It can successfully illustrate behaviors and complex concepts, ensuring that all of your employees receive and understand the essential messages that can keep them safe at work.

  1. Complementary

Video can enrich the print materials that you already have in place without being repetitive. Of course, you’re complying with local, state and federal guidelines by posting the required information. Perhaps you’re even creating additional print materials of your own. But when you add video to your company’s communications, you will add another dimension to your message and reach more employees on a deeper level.

  1. Concise

You can communicate more information in less time with a video than in print. Video combines sight, sound and motion to efficiently and effectively provide the information that your employees need to ensure that they can be safe at work.

As you finalize your communications for bringing employees back to work safely, know that with a strong production team, a video can be delivered quickly – and with a modular approach so that CDC procedures and your guidelines can easily be updated as the situation evolves.

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