IHG® Americas Investors and Leadership Conference

Bringing brand innovations to life


IHG’s annual owners conference soars with innovative and vibrant content.


International hospitality brand, IHG®, annually brings together their brands, franchise owners, investors, exhibitors and sponsors for a three-day event to showcase the achievements, innovation, and growth strategies of IHG and its mainstream hotel brands. IHG partnered with WITS’ to produce a dynamic, three-day conference with corporate leadership keynote speeches, trade show experience, workshops, training sessions, networking forums, and social gatherings.


Directly engaging IHG’s brands, departments, and core conference planning team, WITS’ consulted, managed and produced the conference run-of-show, including trade show booth design, workshop execution, and other essential functions.

WITS’ award-winning video production team produced an assortment of high-quality videos designed to inject energy into each session with pivotal brand stories and post-event recap content for remote audiences.


Three Day Conference
Nearly 6,000 attendees
150,000 sq ft. trade show floor


Event Production, Video Production, Trade Show Production, Graphic Design, Large Format Graphics, Audience Engagement, Live Show Production, Account Management