AVID Hotel Grand Opening




Taking concept to signings for an industry-leading hotel brand



IHG Hotels & Resorts was developing a new concept for a limited service hotel that would be attractive to developers not only for its trim staffing needs but also for its relatively small footprint. More importantly, the brand was created from extensive consumer research, making it a win-win for guests AND owners. IHG knew it had a winning concept, and they needed a way to speak to owners to secure signings in the first year after the brand was introduced.


Wits’ proposed taking the brand directly to developers and owners, building out interactive and immersive experiences at the conferences where dealmakers and investors gathered each year: the Lodging Conference and ALIS as well IHG’s own investors conference. At each stop the experience grew as the brand’s identity and hallmarks were also growing throughout the introduction. From an open-air conceptual lawn party to a complete mini-build out in a ballroom, the experiences provided owners and developers with opportunities to learn about the brand’s promise while experiencing service moments. Each stop provided a simple, modern approach to establishing the avid Hotels brand as the one to develop.



From the completion of the first franchise agreement to the close of the first year, avid Hotels saw more signings than any other brand launch in recent years. The brand reached 100 signings within a year, and the brand now boasts more than 59 open hotels with 5,353 rooms and 147 hotels in the pipeline.


WITS’ Role

  • Strategic and creative direction
  • Experiential design and production
  • Meeting logistics and event planning
  • Video production and photography