Cox Smart Home Tour


Graceful Treatment Of The Freedom And Security Connected Independence Brings


Innovations and connectivity ensure loved ones can be safe, secure and thrive as they age at home.


Design a live experience for Cox Connected Independence to showcase how high-speed Internet, smart devices, and monitoring apps offer greater control, comfort, safety, and independence to older adults. WITS’ was tasked to visually communicate that as adults age, their abilities may change but the desire to be safe, secure, and thrive at home does not.


Cox Smart Home Tour an interactive experience designed to capture innovative technologies in action, with interviews of Cox executives and adult lifestyle experts as well as real-time feedback of consumers who toured the high-tech home.

A virtual reality travel destination platform, telemedicine technology allowing patients to connect with their caregivers without leaving home, and a variety of voice-activated, hands-free devices were just a few of the futuristic devices showcased.


Product demonstration experience for more than 50 internet-connected devices


Live Event Planning, Video Production, Creative Development, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Print Production