Convatec Global Leaders Meeting


Building Connections to Improve Lives


Inspiring individual and collective action with Convatec’s transformative brand vision



Create an experience that builds excitement, creates a sense of recognition and ownership and builds trusted relationships among global leaders many of whom are coming together for the first time.


When a company whose mission is to improve lives needs to inspire action around a new brand vision, it is clear that no ordinary experience will do. We started with a deep dive into the event audience’s current mindset and then worked to design a rich, experiential program that would take them to new levels of insight and understanding.

We worked with Convatec to create a theme for the event and designed the event branding. We led development of the event agenda and created the associated content. We imagined a fresh session format that encouraged conversations rather than presentations and created a stronger sense of team. We created a Marketplace and Product Immersion experience where attendees engaged with patients and customers, products and solutions and each other. Our content team captured the three day event on video and with still imagery which enabled the client to extend the excitement and impact of the entire experience in post-event messaging.



  • Deeper empathy for clients and customers
  • Clear understanding of the brand vision
  • Stronger relationships
  • High attendee satisfaction


WITS’ Role

Theme Development, Content Management, Live Event Production, Audience Engagement, Creative Development, Branding, Video Production, Venue Transformation, Production Logistics, Live Event Management, A/V Management, Exhibition Management and Production