34 by 34 Act to Impact Roadshow


Engage and Inspire Employees through a Sustainable Roadshow Series


Launching a Monumental Corporate Social Goal to Empower 34 Million People



Design, develop and deliver a roadshow event series to introduce employees to the new enterprise-wide social goal – to empower 34 million people to live more prosperous lives by 2034. The mission was to educate, generate excitement and gain commitment to this initiative and inspire employee participation and ongoing support. From a design perspective, in collaboration with the local markets, create unique regional experiences for each event. Incorporate social equity and environmental sustainability for every aspect of the series to align with two specific pathway goals of impact.


From concept through execution, we delivered the cross-country 34 by 34 Act to Impact Roadshow tour featuring a custom built, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly signature Airstream and Ford F150 Hybrid. At each stop, the vehicle arrival heralded this highly anticipated half-day employee festival. The Airstream contained interactive elements, including a recording studio that captured stories of Cox’s impact in their communities.

The series was designed from the ground up to create a fully immersive, highly visual experience in 10 cities, where employees learned about the 34 by 34 social goal through all senses via a digital scavenger hunt. With inspirational speakers, competitive game elements, team building and volunteer opportunities and a line up of exciting activities, we partnered with hyper-local diverse vendors, partners and non-profits to infuse flavors and content distinct to each market, which aligned with each heritage month. Although the attendee journey was designed to be similar for each event, the venue, environmental conditions, content, and heritage month for each was customized in collaboration with each local market to provide 10 unique events.



  • More than 64,000 people were empowered to live more prosperous lives
  • All goals exceeded by the 10,000 local Cox employees that participated in 9 event cities across the US:
    • 88% higher attendance 118% more participation in employee volunteer activities than goal with over 2,400 STEM kits created, over 3,500 environment kits created, and over 40 garden beds built
    • 400% more enrollments in Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
    • 115% more in donations of employees to the Cox Employee Relief Fund
    • 93% more non-profits supported
    • 46% more commitments recorded as audio and/or video in a digital time capsule
  • More than 12,000 Airstream miles traveled, offset by carbon credits
  • 34 diverse suppliers, vendors and entertainment partners
  • Excitement and appreciation for these milestone firsts:
    • First in-person event in 24 months since COVID protocol measures took effect
    • First event ever bringing employees from all three business units together


WITS’ Role

Experiential Marketing, Audience Engagement, Venue Transformation, Branding, Creative Development and Design, Digital Content, Roadshow Logistics and Optimization, Event Sustainability, DEI, Festival Visuals, Food and Beverage Management, Live Show, Mainstage Production and Speaker Management, Budget Management, Project Management, National Labor Staffing and Management, AV Management, Print Production, Video Production, Photography, Accessibility – ASL, Braille, ADA Compliance