Cox Smart Life


Showing That Life Is Better When We Have Moments Of Real Connection


Getting time back with Smart Home tech brings us closer together.


Develop a brand extension event from a nationally-successful, Smart Home event series to support a Smart Life concept using a hands-on approach with the latest smart home tech. How can WITS’ show consumers, media, elected officials, and community leaders that regaining time back in their day is not as complicated as they may think – and that small changes bring quantifiable time savings that can be used to make and strengthen meaningful connections?


Activating a disruptive new Cox brand platform focused on humanity, we highlight how using Smart Home tech creates time savings. And that’s more time to live mindfully, rediscover what makes you tick, declutter your mind and focus on the experiences and people that truly matter.

Create more free time, me time, we time.



• Attendance metrics exceeded
• 18 national media bookings
• Approval for nationwide expansion


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