Crowne Plaza® Americas Owners Conference


Bringing The Brand Vision To Life – Accelerating Ahead


Creating a fully immersive brand experience for Crowne Plaza® owners and operators.


A highly immersive, two-day conference to bring together and inspire owners and operators of Americas Crowne Plaza® Hotels and Resorts.
The brand partnered with WITS’’ to bring their vision to life in a memorable way.


It was important to make an impression on the owners and make them feel inspired and proud to be a part of the brand. They needed to feel confident in the direction the brand was going and needed to see proof points firsthand.

The general session was designed to bring to life the upscale feel of the brand. The soft seating for the owners’ session elevated the overall look.

WITS’ produced several “Success Stories” by leveraging our award-winning video production team to tell the owner stories which reinforced the brand messaging in a compelling way.

An upscale reception took place at the hotel and highlighted the new brand color palette.

The second day of the conference, attendees were taken out of the normal general session and got to experience the new vision of the brand firsthand. Attendees had a chance to experience the new Crowne Plaza® brand vision in a unique and memorable way, with talent-led guided tours of the new Work-Life hotel rooms made possible through the design, fabrication and installation of a new “Plaza Workspace” in one of the conference breakout rooms.

Throughout both days, WITS’ was there with an onsite video crew to capture the experience, editing and posting videos while the conference was taking place via an online magazine where remote hotel staff could tune in and see all the excitement and speeches firsthand.

At the conclusion of the event, WITS’ produced a highlight video that was shared out to all attendees to continue the momentum and overall energy from the conference.

From imagination to realization, WITS’ managed everything from event logistics, food and beverage design, live show production, rehearsals, talent sourcing, to award-winning video production.



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