GPC Investor Day




Simplifying the complex, making it easier to illuminate value to investors.



GPC planned an investor day at its metro-Atlanta headquarters to demonstrate the company’s value to key analysts. As the project evolved, the corporate communications team realized they needed a content partner to help align the disparate resources and many business units involved in the day to provide a cohesive presentation.


To showcase the vitality of the company and its value as a desirable investment, Wits’ partnered with business unit leaders across the organization to review complicated content, identify key messages, and create deliverables. Those storytelling deliverables included introductory :90 commercials, customized presentation areas inside a showcase tent, and motion graphics to support key data points. At each presentation point, Wits’ provided a unifying visual thread that easily identified business units and demonstrated continuity throughout the attendee experience. Wits’ also served as a single voice to communicate to various partners, ensuring successful activation on investor day.



The corporate communications team received accolades from their C-suite executives for the outstanding content delivery of the videos as well as the engaging showcase. Additionally, and perhaps of even more value, the company received upgrades by at least two of the analysts in attendance.


WITS’ Role

Strategic and creative direction
Audio recordings with presentations for a livestream audience
Content design and production
A/V & platform integration