Cox SmartBiz Omaha


Talk About Smart Cities…. Becomes
a “Walk” Through One


Shaping an off-the-grid experience of tomorrow’s smart business and city technology, available today.


Creating an unconventional showcase of smart technology for government and business leaders in Omaha, Nebraska – because when the Governor of Omaha is proclaiming a ‘SmartBiz Omaha Day’, it’s full-on impact for Cox Business.



An immersive one-day, high-profile event to place some of the most advanced technologies into the hands of Omaha’s top decision makers in government, business, and education. How can WITS’ showcase new ways to build ‘Smart Omaha’ for improved economic development, safety, efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life?


SmartBiz Omaha, conceptualized. branded. developed, and executed.

Anchored on an experiential open house and media event with Governor Pete Ricketts, guests explored five interactive hubs: Connected Healthcare, Connected Education, Connected Retail, Connected Workplace, and Connected City. See, touch, and feel the future of Silicon Prairie in the here and now.

Smart City AR immersion brings words to life.

Everyday scenarios became connected, or ‘smarter’, simplifying the complexity of a Smart City concept via an AR experience.



100+ state and local government and leaders, including Omaha Governor
7 media outlets
50+ publications