Test Your Wits WITS’ gives back with a virtual
trivia night series fundraiser
Neighborhood Story Comes to Life in Unexpected Ways Creating a fully immersive brand
experience for Hotel Indigo Owners.
Boosting IQ Scores for Smart Cities Shaping an off-the-grid experience of
tomorrow’s smart business and city technology.
Life is Better with Moments of Real Connection Getting time back with Smart Home
tech brings us closer together.
Graceful Treatment of Connected Independence Innovations and connectivity ensure loved ones can
be safe, secure, and thrive as they age at home
Illustrating Products in Unexpected Ways “Price Assurance Tool” is technology personified
in this BCD Travel product video.
Inspiring Hotel Owners and Investors to Next Gen Performance Levels IHG’s annual owners conference soars
with innovative and vibrant content.
Accelerating Ahead on a New Brand Vision Creating a fully immersive brand experience for
Crowne Plaza Owners and Operators.